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Lime Green Duro

25kg Bag

Product calculator

The calculation is based on applying the plaster to an even, level wall and is for guidance only. Additional material may be needed to level (dub out) the wall.
m2 of Lime Green Duro
mm thickness
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Main purpose

Breathable plaster undercoat for levelling walls and ceilings.

Use it on

Internal or external solid stone or masonry walls and ceilings.


Lime Green Duro is a lime-based breathable plaster undercoat and render used to sympathetically level solid stone and masonry walls in older buildings. It provides a highly breathable and suitable base layer for finer lime surface finishes, such as Lime Green Solo finishing plaster topcoat. It contains no gypsum, cement or acrylic and sets only due to its lime binder derived from pure limestone.

Where to use it

Lime Green Duro can be used over any solid stone or masonry wall that is stable and free from any ongoing persistent moisture ingress. If the installation area is showing evidence of water related issues, please contact our technical team for guidance.

What it does

Lime Green Duro can be used to level walls and can help rectify issues often found in older buildings. Where issues caused by unsuitable layers of plaster/render have been applied over time, or where a lack of building maintenance has lead to decay of internal and external surfaces, Lime Green Duro offers a sympathetic remedy for specifiers, plasterers and building owners to re-level problematic walls.  It creates a new highly breathable and capillary active basecoat ready for the application of smooth lime finishing plasters like Lime Green Solo or a breathable insulation system like Gutex Thermoroom or Calsitherm Climate Boards.

Why we love it

Lime Green Duro has a high compatibility with traditional building fabrics; it maintains the sensitive moisture balance that is ever present in historical restoration. It improves the physical performance of the masonry wall on which it is applied (unlike modern impervious cement-based plasters). Duro will enhance the existing structure to leave a highly breathable, durable, flexible, salt resistant surface inside or out. 

Thanks to the porous nature of lime plasters in general, Duro presents a high degree of drying ability where moisture levels are unacceptably high in building elements. Where rain may have leaked through a wall previously causing damage, Duro can quickly absorb this excess water and then dry out just as fast without trapping the unwanted water in the wall. This is possible due to Duro's high capillary water absorbency level (Category W0) and helps maintain the building fabric safety in the long term.

Once the unique premixed blend of pure natural hydraulic lime, containing kiln dried sands and recycled aggregates, has been mixed with water to the correct texture Duro can be applied directly and quickly by hand or plaster machine to masonry surfaces. 

How it works

After Duro has been installed and is fully cured, the wall or ceiling will have a stable lime background, that is level, durable and ready for further alterations with breathable insulating systems such as Gutex Thermoroom or Calsitherm Climate Boards.  Or it can simply be finished with a lime-based plaster like Lime Green Solo and a breathable paint.


  • Ready-mixed, just add water
  • Fast application
  • Breathable lime-based undercoat plaster
  • All natural materials
  • Sympathetic building material for older buildings


  • Can be sprayed-on or applied by hand; experienced lime plasterers or DIY enthusiasts can install it without special training.
  • Contains no cement, gypsum, PVA or acrylic
  • Alkalinity makes it highly resistant to mould
  • Assists with the moisture regulating needs of older buildings 
  • Highly vapour permeable and capillary active


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Technical Details

Key Technical Data

Technical Datasheet

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Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)

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Declaration of Performance (DOP)

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Installation Guide

Ensure all dust, damaged plaster or render, loose/crumbly and unstable material is removed from the installation area surface before starting.  This will ensure good adhesion can be achieved.

Mix one bag of Lime Green Duro with up to 5 litres of water. If you are using a drum mixer, mix for approximately 10 minutes. For a mechanical whisk, mix for 2-3 minutes.  Duro should then be left to stand for ten-minutes then it can be re-mixed briefly just before applying to the wall/ceiling.  

Apply Duro to the substrate in layers up to 12mm thick.  If additional layers are required, the previous layer should be scratched to provide a good mechanical key. Additional layers can be applied once Duro has stiffened and is solid to the touch (depending on temperature and humidity this is after approximately 2-6 days). Dampening the surface with a light spray of water before applying each layer is recommended. 

The surface of Duro can be reworked for up to 8 hours.

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