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Carbon Filter for the Inventer IV Twin+
Carbon Filter for the Inventer IV Twin+
An image of a product An image of a product Carbon Filter for the Inventer IV Twin+
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Inventer Carbon Filter

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Product Overview

Main purpose

The activated carbon filter insert offers additional air purification, eliminating odours and both organic and inorganic gases from entering the building

For use with

IV Smart +, IV-14 Zero, IV Compact, IV Light and IV Twin.


An activated carbon filter consisting of polyester non-woven material enriched with100g/m2 of activated carbon for filtering gaseous odours and noxious substances from the air before they can enter the living spaces. Available in two sizes, the filter can be used with all Inventer heat recovery ventilation units.

Where to use it

The Carbon Filter is available in two sizes to make it compatible with Inventer IV Smart+, IV-14 Zero, IV Compact, and IV Twin+. The filter is fitted within the front cover of the ventilation unit between the fixing lugs and inner rim of the base plate. They can be used in any of these units, especially suited for areas where they may be a lot of noxious odours. For example, beside roadworks, building sites, airports and agricultural smells.

What it does

The Carbon filter filters out the common dust, dirt and pollen but besides this, the activated carbon filter uses physical and chemical adsorption process to filter off gaseous odours and noxious substances such as smoke or smog from the ambient air before it can enter living spaces. This provides a much healthier indoor environment and a cleaner living space.

Why we love it

This filter stops the smallest of particles and gases from entering the home or workspace. This provides a better indoor air quality and much healthier environment for the building’s occupants. It is simple to install and replace.

How it works

The Inventer Carbon filter traps odours through a process called adsorption, which occurs when molecules, ions or atoms attach to the outside of a surface, rather than being soaked into it. This prevents odours and gases passing into the living space of the building. The Inventer units will still work in the same way as normal but there will be a 20% reduction in the air flow due to the carbon filter.

  • Single use – replace after 6 months maximum
  • Easy to replace
  • High performing fire class F1

  • Dirt, dust and odours are prevented from entering the building
  • Improves the indoor air quality


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Technical Details

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