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 Dust Filter IV Smart+, IV14 Zero & IV Compact
Dust Filter IV Smart+, IV14 Zero & IV Compact
Dust Filter IV Twin+
Dust Filter IV Twin+
Dust Filter IV Light
Dust Filter IV Light
 Dust Filter IV Smart+, IV14 Zero & IV Compact Dust Filter IV Twin+ Dust Filter IV Light
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Inventer Dust Filter

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Product Overview

A high performance G4 Dust filter for filtering coarse dusts before they enter the building

IV Smart+, IV14 Zero, IV Light, IV Compact, IV Twin+


The Inventer dust filter is a high performing G4 filter that can remove coarse dust from inbound fresh air. Available in three sizes, the filter can be used with all Inventer heat recovery ventilation units.

Where to use it

The Dust Filter is available in three sizes to make it compatible with Inventer IV Smart+, IV-14 Zero, IV Compact, IV Light and IV Twin+. The filter is fitted within the front cover of the ventilation unit between the fixing lugs and inner rim of the base plate.

What it does

The Dust filter catches all the dust particles and even heavy pollen that would otherwise enter the air space of the building and subsequently the air waves of the occupants. This provides a much healthier indoor environment and a cleaner living space.

Why we love it

This filter stops dust, dirt and even heavy pollen before they enter the home or workspace. This provides a better indoor air quality and much healthier environment for the building’s occupants. It can be washed out and reused multiple times, it is simple to install.

How it works

Dust will inevitably make its way through the weather protection hood, the thermal accumulator and fan but it will be trapped in the dust filter located behind the interior inner cover. The Inventer heat recovery ventilation units are supplied with a dust filter as standard. Over time after continually washing the filter they will need to be replaced. The dust filter should be checked quarterly; washed out, allowed to dry and replaced back into the unit. Damaged dust filter should be replaced immediately.

  • Can be washed out multiple times and reused
  • Easy to replace
  • High performing G4 grade filter

  • Dirt, debris and dust particles are stopped before entering the building
  • Improves the indoor air quality


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Technical Details

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