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Hygrostat HYG18 (Digital display)
Hygrostat HYG18 (Digital display)
Hygrostat HYG12
Hygrostat HYG12
Hygrostat HYG18 (Digital display) Hygrostat HYG12

Inventer Humidity Sensor

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Product Overview

Main purpose

The Humidity sensor is a room hygrostat for humidity monitoring. The limit values for the humidity are easily set using a rotary wheel on the device. When a humidity sensor is connected the operation of inventer ventilation systems and exhaust air systems can be controlled as required.

Use it on

Especially suited to areas where high levels of moisture can build up such as a kitchen, utility, laundry rooms, bathrooms and gymnasiums


The humidity sensor is an additional optional extra for rooms where high levels of moisture can occur. It is commonly used in conjunction with an IV Twin+ and sMove controller. The humidity sensor can be set to a desired level and once it goes above this level, the connected unit will automatically go into exhaust mode, expelling any moisture efficiently. When moisture levels return to the pre-set levels the fan will automatically return to normal operation.

Where to use it:

It can be used in any room but particularly recommended for rooms that generate a lot of moisture. Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, gyms, utility rooms are all common places where a humidity sensor is used.

What it does:

The humidity sensor is set to a humidity level by the operator and if the humidity rises above this setting, then the connected fan(s) will automatically go into exhaust mode expelling the moisture quickly and effectively. Once the moisture levels drop below the pre-set level the fan(s) will automatically return to the mode their previous setting. The relative humidity range can be adjusted between 35% and 95% via the rotary dial on the device.

Why we love it

It is simple to operate, looks good and works really well. You can have piece of mind knowing that the indoor air quality is good and that dampness, mould or mildew wont be an issue in the room where there is a fan and humidity sensor.

How it works

The humidity sensor has a built in hygroscopic measuring element which recognises any changes in moisture/humidity. This triggers an on/off signal once levels rise above or fall below the set point. It is connected to the sMove controller and the sMove controller is connected to the fan so they are all in sync. The dial on the sensor can be moved clockwise to increase the relative humidity value or anti clockwise to decrease it.

  • Easy to install
  • Quite discreet
  • Easy operation

  • Prevents unwanted excess moisture which can lead to problems such as dampness and mould
  • Works automatically


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Technical Details

Key Technical Data

Installation Guide

A humidity sensor which works in conjunction with the sMove controller and heat recovery or exhaust units

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