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Inventer sMove

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Product Overview

Main purpose

Controls and supplies power to Inventer single room heat recovery ventilation units. Allows connected units to be switched between heat recovery and continuous ventilation, paused, and off modes. Also controls air flow (fan speed) with four pre-set speeds and additional speeds in between.

For use with

Two, four, six or eight Inventer ventilation units. Compatible with IV-14 Zero, IV Light, IV Smart+, IV Compact and IV Twin+.


The sMove wired controller is a small wall-mountable controller that provides power to single room heat recovery ventilation units (SRHRVs), automatically regulates humidity using the built-in humidity sensor, and maintains air quality based on inputs from the range of additional Inventer sensors. It also ensures when one unit is extracting air, another one will always be supplying air to provide a constant indoor air pressure.

Where to use it

The sMove controller can be used with Inventer IV Smart+, IV-14 Zero, IV Light, IV Compact and IV Twin+. Usually to control two, four, six or eight Inventor units.

The controller can be flush mounted on a wall (like a light switch) onto a 90mm back plate that has been chased into the wall. 230V AC power must be connected to the controller. This powers the controller and all the connected fans. If a 90mm chasing is not practical in the wall, the “long” controller can be used instead. This has additional room for wires to the side so does not need such a deep back plate. 

The wires used to connect the controller to each ventilation unit must not be longer than 33m. To connect an IV Twin+, the maximum length of wire is 20m. The controller must be within 100 metres of the consumer unit/fuse box.

What it does

The sMove controller supplies power to the ventilation units that are connected to it. The controller and these connected units create a “zone” where all the fans share the same ventilation mode and fan speed. 

The controller is used to set the fan speed and therefore noise level, the ventilation mode, and whether the fan is on or off. 

The ventilation mode can be switched between heat recovery mode (the normal setting), ventilation only mode (constant extraction and supply without heat recovery), pause mode (temporarily stops the fans) or switched off mode (nothing works). 

Heat recovery mode is the normal setting to choose, stale air will be automatically extracted and fresh air will be supplied without reducing the indoor temperature. Ventilation only mode will constantly extract and supply air but won’t warm up the fresh air as it enters the building.

The pause setting has 4 options: 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. The remaining time before fans resume operation will be shown on the front of the controller. 

The controller also has a boost mode; this can be activated manually to quickly remove peaks in humidity moisture or odours by setting the fan to full ventilation mode for 15 minutes, after which time it will return to the original setting.  

The controller displays the current ventilation mode and fan speed. There is also a built-in warning light which flashes when a filter needs to be changed. The controller records how many hours the fans have been used, so you can view this figure to predict when you might need to clean or replace a filter.

The sMove controller is compatible with Inventer’s humidity sensor (hygrostat) and CO2 sensor. It is also compatible with third party VOC sensors and air pressure sensors. An analogue input is also available in the sMove for connection of compatible home automation devices/sensors. Note: only one sensor can be connected to the sMove controller. This means you can monitor humidity or CO2 or VOCs or air pressure at any one time with one sMove controller.

When a CO2, humidity or VOC sensor is connected, the sensor continuously samples the air. When an unsafe level is detected, the controller will operate all connected ventilation units at 50% maximum fan speed to quickly fix the problem air. Once the air quality is back to normal levels, the fans will return to the previous mode and fan speed setting. 

The air pressure sensor is required for rooms with an air-ventilated fireplace (please consult the fireplace supplier for advice). When the pressure is higher or lower than the safe pressure level, the controller will switch off all connected ventilation units until the pressure returns to normal levels.

Why we love it

The sMove controller is very compact (the size of a standard light switch) and blends into the wall. The smooth touch panel and LEDs provide a sleek modern look. The ventilation is very easy to operate and very easy to quickly see the settings being used. 

To have different ventilation zones in the building, all you need is a controller for each location and at least two fans connected to each controller. With two controllers you could have a zone for the bedrooms and another for the living rooms. You can then set the bedroom fans running slower, so nobody is disturbed when trying to sleep at night.   

How it works

The settings and chosen ventilation mode will be applied to all fans connected to the controller. To have different settings on different fans (E.g. in a different room or floor of the house), you can use another controller and connect those ventilation units to that other controller.  

The sMove controller is composed of touch screen buttons/icons and LED indicator lights. The main display has a vertical line of four fan-shaped icons representing 25%, 35%, 50% and 100% fan speed. Touch these icons briefly to immediately set that chosen fan speed. You may also hold your finger on the slider for more than a second to activate “slide mode” then slide your finger up and down the vertical line to set any fan speed in between.  The current setting is shown by illuminated LEDs.

Pressing the pause button once pauses the system for one hour. Press it more times to pause for two, four or 8 hours. When paused, the number of hours remaining is shown by the fan speed indicator lights; one will be illuminated for each remaining hour. 

Holding the pause button for five seconds turns off the ventilation units completely. The LED next to the pause button illuminates while the system is off. Selecting a fan speed or ventilation mode will switch the system back on again.  

Boost mode is activated by touching the largest fan icon for 5 seconds. This will set the fan speed to full power for 15 minutes then return to the previous setting. This is very useful for quickly clearing steam/moisture when cooking or for swift cooling of the room during warm summer nights.

The ventilation mode can be set using the button in the bottom right corner (with arrows on it). Press once to illuminate a blue LED and activate continuous ventilation (extraction) mode. Press it again for an orange LED and heat recovery ventilation. 

If either blue or orange light is flashing this means the filter needs to be changed. Once you have changed/cleaned the filter and replaced it, hold the ventilation mode button for 5 seconds to cancel the notification. 

The controller can display the total time fans have been operating. To activate this, hold the pause button for 10 seconds. The fan speed LEDs will then illuminate to indicate how many days the fans have been operating. Please refer to the detailed sMove instruction manual PDF for more details.


  • Four control modes: Heat recovery, Continuous ventilation, pause, and off.
  • Touch control for fan speed (four settings)
  • Connect one additional Inventer sensor. Choose either humidity, CO2 or air pressure monitoring.
  • Additional analogue input for other sensors and home automation systems
  • Warning light shows when filters need changing


  • Touch controlled slider to set ventilation mode and fan speed is quick and easy to use
  • Settings are clearly displayed on the front of the controller with bright LEDs
  • Adjust the mode and fan speed to control sound emissions. Make it silent or ultra-quiet at night or boost the flow to quickly remove odours or excess humidity.
  • A connected additional sensor enables the controller to automatically regulate CO2, VOCs or air pressure.


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Technical Details

Key Technical Data

Technical Datasheet

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Declaration of Performance (DOP)

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Installation Guide

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Installation Guide

How to install

Installation of the sMove Controller must be carried out by a qualified electrician. Detailed instructions are available in the downloadable Inventer sMove Installation Guide. Please refer to that guide for exact details and read it thoroughly before attempting the installation. The installation guide on this webpage is a general summary of the process and does not provide all the information needed to complete the installation.

The controller is supplied as a base plate and controller main unit and flush mounted backbox.  The base plate should be removed from the back of the controller unit by pressing the flap in the lower corner then sliding the plate downwards to remove it. 

First determine the best location for the sMove controller. Each wire from controller to ventilation unit must not be longer than 33m.  To connect an IV Twin+, the maximum length of wire is 20m.  The controller must be within 100 metres of the consumer unit/fuse box.

The sMove s4 (standard length), needs a recessed hole in the wall 82mm wide by 90mm deep for the flush mount backbox to be inserted into. This depth ensures it will be flush on the wall and all wires can be connected and contained.  The hole can be created with an 82mm core drill bit and then chased out.  

The sMove s8 (standard length) has twice as many wire connections as the s4 so it is necessary to install it with two 82mm diameter by 66mm deep holes side-by-side. The first hole houses the controller, and the second hole will be used for organising all the wires within a distribution box. The second hole can be covered over later so it can’t be seen. 

The two-hole approach can also be used for the sMove s4 if core drilling to 90mm is not practical in the wall.  You can also choose the “long” controller instead (that has more room for wires) and install that using the two-hole method described here.  Again, the long controller is convenient when a 90mm deep chasing in the wall is not possible.

Press out the required blanking plates in the flush mount backbox and feed the wires through as required. The flush mounting backbox should then be inserted into the first hole and secured to the wall. The baseplate should then be screwed into place ensuring the word “Top” is at the top.

The wired connections should then be made. For exact details of the wiring and electrical connections for the sMove and fans, please refer to the Inventer sMove installation manual.

Once the fan wired connections, mains power connection and optional additional sensor are wired correctly and have been connected to the controller unit, the controller can be attached to the base plate.  This is done by pressing the controller to the baseplate, so the locking tabs align and engage. Once engaged with the locking tabs, slide the controller downwards until it clicks and is help in place securely. 

Please refer to the Inventer sMove installation manual for full details of this installation.

Installation Guide

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