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IV Smart+, IV14 Zero, IV Light
IV Smart+, IV14 Zero, IV Light
IV Twin+
IV Twin+
IV Smart+, IV14 Zero, IV Light IV Twin+

Inventer Sound Protection Insert

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Product Overview

Msin purpose

The sound protector is an insulating device for additional damping of external noise and fan noise.

IV Smart+, IV14 Zero, IV Light, IV Twin+


The Inventer Sound Protector can be used with Inventers heat recovery units to achieve significant noise reduction. It can be installed at installation stage as well as retrofitted into existing units.

Where to use it: 

They can be used in the IV Smart+, IV14 Zero, IV Light, and the double version can be used with the IV Twin+.


What it does

Significant reduces external noise and fan noise by absorbing and redirecting the sound waves. For the IV Smart+, IV14 Zero, and IV Light, the standard sound level difference (dB) is reduced by a max of 6dB and for the IV Twin+ the standard sound level difference (dB) is reduced by a max of 8dB.

Why we love it

It is very easy to install or take out as necessary, it can be easily cleaned when necessary by removing it from the unit at least six monthly and any dust or dirt particles should be shaken off the insert. Water is not recommended to clean the inserts.

It cleverly absorbs noise to reduce the overall dB level.

How it works

The Inventer sound protector insert consists of a silencer unit and a spacer made from polyester designed to significantly reduce ambient and fan noises by blocking and redirecting sound waves.

If it is being put in at installation stage, it should be placed into the wall sleeve before the filter and inner cover go on. It is worth noting that using the sound protection insert reduces the airflow by a maximum of 42% and a maximum of 30% if using the IV Twin+ variant. Defective or heavily soiled sound absorbing inserts should be replace immediately as this will affect the airflow.

  • Unique design
  • Easy to install or remove
  • Excellent sound absorbing properties.

  • Significantly reduces external noise and fan noise


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Technical Details

Key Technical Data

Installation Guide

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