Ecological Building Systems

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To create an airtight seal around pipes and cables that pass through the walls of the building, airtight grommets are an effective, robust and time saving solution.

When installing an airtight and windtight system, every gap in the building envelope needs to be sealed. When pipes or cables penetrate the airtight layer, an effective sealing grommet ensures the integrity of the airtight or windtight system.

Our range of airtight grommets, made from EPDM, provide a tight and flexible fit, allowing for small amounts of movement whilst maintaining airtightness. Our range includes various sizes to suit all common dimensions of cables and pipes, whilst providing an efficient, versatile and adaptable solution. We also supply grommets that are able to work at higher temperatures for the sealing of hot water pipes.

With a choice of different shapes and sizes, our range of airtight pipe and cable grommets also includes options for retrofit projects where existing pipes or cables need to be sealed effectively. With airtight grommets designed to adhere to a range of materials, and with Passivhaus certification, the range includes solutions for a variety of projects and situations.

We supply grommets that are suitable for interior use, to work in harmony with your internal vapour checks and membranes, and for external use, designed to withstand harsh weather conditions like high winds and pelting rain, as well as hot temperatures (up to 150°C) and high humidity.