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Correct sealing of windows and doors is vital for a fully airtight and windtight building. Our range of door and window sealing tapes provides excellent airtight properties, contributing to a healthy interior climate, improved energy efficiency, and minimised risks of uneven temperatures and draughts.

Our product range includes airtightness tapes designed for internal use. Featuring vapour control properties, flexibility, and high adhesion, these internal door and window sealing tapes help to ensure that airtight membranes are maintained and any gaps or draughts are filled.

Our range also includes door and window sealing tapes designed for external use, where windtight properties are important. External door and window sealing tapes need to be weatherproof, to protect against high winds and driving rain in order to ensure an effective windtightness layer.

We also stock airtightness door and window sealing tapes that are pre-folded for use on corners and recesses, as well as tapes with multiple release paper strips that allow for precise application.

All our window and door sealing tapes provide a strong bond with most mineral surfaces, and can be used with one of our primers to ensure strong and enduring adhesion to a number of different substrates.  Designed to be durable and long-lasting, our range of airtightness tapes are robust, effective, and provide excellent airtight and windtight properties for a range of construction and retrofitting projects.

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