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Thermal bridging can cause buildings to lose heat and increase the risk of mould and damp. Our range of thermal bridging solutions can help you to ensure your building is fully insulated, meets energy efficiency standards and is a healthier, more pleasant environment.

Our thermal bridge insulation products manage moisture, help eliminate mould, and minimise heat loss, in older or historic buildings, as well as newer buildings suffering condensation and mould problems.

Our range includes products that address thermal bridging anywhere in the building. Tapered insulation boards allow you to reduce thermal bridging at high-risk areas such as where solid internal walls meet external walls, or at ceiling junctions.

The tapered profile reduces the visual impact of the insulation boards while providing essential thermal bridging solutions.

For critical junctions such as windows, doors and foundation junctions, where thermal bridging can be problematic, BosigPphonotherm-200 provides excellent protection and structural support.

Insulating window reveals significantly increases the surface temperature, helping to eliminate thermal bridges to provide a robust internal wall insulation upgrade.

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