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Internal solid wall insulation is perfect for the restoration and preservation of older buildings and allows you to maintain external facades whilst still ensuring the building is protected from the risks of damp and mould.

Our range of internal solid wall insulation includes both insulation boards, and thermal plaster solutions. Depending on the needs of your specific project, each type has its benefits.

Redstone Calsitherm climate boards provide a straightforward, robust, solution to interior insulation for older condensation prone buildings, as they are easily attached to brick or masonry using adhesive mortar. It can also effectively prevent mould. The range also includes thinner internal insulation boards for window and door reveals.

The Diasen range of thermal plaster products provides insulation properties through natural materials such as lime, cork and clay. Using thermal plaster means you can insulate walls internally and maintain the unique shape of your heritage building, whilst protecting it from mould and damp. The range provides excellent internal insulation and temperature stability, protecting from cold in winter and overheating in summer.

The Gutex Thermoroom natural wood fibre internal insulation boards provide highly effective sound insulation to protect the building from external noise alongside excellent thermal properties. 

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