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When looking to remove mould from your home, it may feel like using harsh solvents and chemicals is the only way to effectively rid your house of harmful mould. However, with the Auro range of mould prevention products, you can effectively ensure your property is mould-free without releasing harmful toxins into your home’s atmosphere.

Our full mould removal and prevention system allows you to rid your home of mould and prevent future formation using solvent-free and chlorine-free solutions. Our three-step plan involves: a disinfection pre-treatment for areas containing mould; a mould elimination spray to effectively remove all traces from tiles, walls, wood and plastic, even when in a damp room; followed by a mould prevention coating paint which stops any future mould formations.

All of the products in this range are fully solvent-free, chlorine-free, low odour, breathable, and made from 100% natural ingredients, so you can be sure that the climate of your home will not be polluted by harsh chemicals or synthetic toxins.

Each of the products in our Auro mould prevention range can be purchased separately or as part of a mould prevention system, containing all of the products in our long-lasting three-step mould prevention plan.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to supply this range to your region as we do not have distribution in Great Britain
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