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The paint with which we decorate our homes and places of work can affect our daily lives more than we know. Using natural, breathable paints in your home contributes to a healthy indoor climate, as well as a safer, more ecological construction and decoration practice. Often, paints contain harmful substances and irritants, which over time are emitted into the air we breathe. This can lead to health problems such as asthma and other respiratory issues.

Plastics used in many modern paints are incredibly carbon intense and are made using fossil fuels. Choosing breathable paints that are made from natural materials and are free plastics and harmful substances means you can eliminate these silent hazards from your home or place of work.

The Auro range of organic breathable paints creates the best possible conditions for a healthy indoor climate at home, by using naturally derived, renewable and biodegradable ingredients. Auro only use natural pigments to make the colours, meaning they contain no synthetic dyes, and each product label gives a precise description of the ingredients used, so you can be sure that no harmful or toxic ingredients are entering your home.

Our range of breathable wall and ceiling paints offers products for multiple scenarios. Breathable emulsion paints are ideal for standard wall and ceiling decoration, available in a wide range of colours, while Auro’s Plantodecor premium emulsion is both washable and breathable, making it ideal for high use areas such as kitchens and hallways. Our breathable paints can be used on all common plaster types including lime plaster and gypsum plaster, as well as over previously painted surfaces.

Auro’s clay-based breathable paints have an SD value of 0.1, making them 20 times more breathable than modern acrylic paints. They provide a fine, smooth matt finish, and are VOC free, meaning they contains no harmful ingredients. Lime paints within our range are particularly mould resistant thanks to their high alkalinity and breathability.

Auro consistently comply with the principle of gentle chemistry, which involves ensuring the ingredients used in their products are safe, ecologically friendly, and have low hazard profiles. This creates effective products with superior performance credentials, that are also better for the environment and safe to use.

Our range of wall and ceiling paints are available in emulsion, clay paints, lime paints,  primers, and specialist paints,.  Auro have the largest range of ready mixed natural paint colours in Ireland, all of which are made to order from our office in Athboy. Sample pots are available and a free colour chart can be posted out to help you select the perfect shade.

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