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Ecological Building Systems

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The paint with which we decorate our homes and places of work can affect our daily lives more than we know. Often, paints contain harmful substances and irritants, which over time are emitted into the air we breathe. This can lead to health problems such as asthma and other respiratory issues.

Choosing paints that are made from natural materials and are free from synthetic toxic agents and harmful substances means you can eliminate these silent hazards from your home or place of work.

The Auro range of organic paints create the best possible conditions for a good climate at home, by using naturally derived, renewable and biodegradable ingredients. Each product label gives a precise description of the ingredients used, so you can be sure that no harmful or toxic ingredients are entering your home.

Auro consistently comply with the principle of gentle chemistry, which involves ensuring the ingredients used in their products are safe, ecologically friendly, and have low hazard profiles. This creates effective products with superior performance credentials, that are also better for the environment and safe to use.

Our range of wall and ceiling paints are available in emulsion, clay-based paints, primers, specialist paints, and tints. We’re able to mix up to numerous different colours of natural paint. Talk to our team about having your ideal colour made to order.

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