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Wooden floor treatments are essential for maintaining a beautiful and durable wooden floor. Our range of high-quality products provide superior performance without filling your home with pollutants.

The Auro range of wooden floor treatments includes products that are specifically designed to maintain the lustre and natural beauty of your wooden floors without the need for any harsh chemicals that release irritants, VOCs and pollutants into the atmosphere of your home.

Using natural wood care products allows for breathability in the wood, meaning it can contribute to the environment and indoor air quality within your home whilst being protected from the everyday wear and tear that comes with footfall. Many products within the Auro range of wooden floor treatments feature dirt and water-repellent qualities, and provide superior protection to woods of all kinds, including cork and hardwood.

As well as the excellent performance of the Auro range, you can eliminate the smell of harsh varnishes and chemicals in your home.  All of the products we offer contain only natural ingredients and therefore only emit natural odours.

The range includes treatment for untreated floors, care products to help maintain the condition of the flooring, and waxes and oils to protect, enhance and provide shine and colour to flooring.

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