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CLT Masterclass

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Additional Training Events 

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  • pro clima Intelligent Airtight Systems Installer Training (15th June) Book Now Click Here


Airtightness & Low Energy Retrofit Training Courses

Ecological have been providing airtightness and thermal insulation training for over a decade. During this time over a thousand people have passed through our training centre from many backgrounds in the construction industry.

These include architects, building consultants, and various tradesmen including airtightness and insulation installers, and homeowners. 

With knowledge which we have garnered in partnership with leading European insulation and airtightness solution providers and technical institutes over almost 15 years.

Ecological Building Systems are in a unique position to impart best practice low energy building principles using more natural materials in Ireland and the UK.

Please contact to express interest in any of the following courses: 

  • Retrofit Insulation Masterclass  
  • Low Energy Retrofits Training Course (25th May 2017)
  • pro clima Intelligent Airtightness Training Course (20th April)
  • Certified Passive House Tradesperson Course 
  • RIAI Accredited CPD presentation


NEW - Insulating & Achieving Airtightness with Cross Laminated Timber Masterclass 2017: 

Masterclass 2017

Date - 11th May 2017 
Venue - The Building Centre, 26 Store St, London, WC13 7BT

This event will bring together some of Europe's top experts on natural woodfibre insulation intelligent airtightness & windtightness and specialist fixing systems for an in-depth discussion on how best to optimise the design and on-site delivery of truly high-performance mass timber constructions. 

Cross Laminated Timber construction has seen a vast increase in popularity in recent years and is proving a welcome shift from energy-intensive traditional construction.  The UK is now in a unique position to capitalise on the success and momentum of these builds and more ground-breaking CLT projects are planned.  

Cross Laminated Timber Masterclass Topics

  • Insulating CLT with woodfibre
  • Achieving Airtightness - detailing and critical junctions
  • Specialist Fixing Details
  • Case Studies from leading UK Architects 

CLT Masterclass Guest Speakers

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Low Energy Retrofits Training Course (25th May 2017)

"Challenges, Solutions & Opportunities to Retrofitting Insulation & Airtightness in Buildings"

Event Date - 25th May 2017 **New Date Added**

What The Low Energy Retrofit Offers:

  • See latest developments in low energy retrofits 
  • Learn about Passivhaus and Enerphit principles 
  • Learn how to optimise specifications to offset  condensation risk 
  • Review project details with Ecological technical team 
  • Full-scale models and displays outlining key details
  • 5 Structured CPD credits on completion

5 CPD points are awarded on completion of course.  Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance, samples, a memory stick loaded with relative information, a complete airtightness DVD, direct contact with senior engineers and expert airtightness craftsmen and lunch.

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pro clima Intelligent Airtightness Training Course - (15th June 2017) 

Are you confused about Airtightness and vapour control – Take the pressure off by taking part in our Intelligent Airtightness Training Program. Are you aiming to meet or surpass the latest requirements of the building regulations or perhaps you are aiming to meet Passivhaus levels of airtightness?

Improving thermal insulation, reducing air leakage and reducing thermal bridging is invisible but vital to the thermal performance, structural durability, comfort and health of the living space in our buildings. To attain this we must insist on better building practices and materials from the design stage to the building site and put the fabric first.

Airtightness is a core element in ensuring thermal insulation performs to its optimum, and to deliver more durable, healthy comfortable buildings. It is with this in mind that Ecological Building Systems have launched our latest course, pro clima Intelligent Airtightness Training. This is timely with the requirement for airtightness testing in new buildings and an increased awareness of the need for improved airtightness in both new and existing.

The course is delivered at our Centre of Knowledge in Athboy, Co Meath. Training is provided by our in-house technical expert Peter Smith and Roman Szypura of Clioma House Ltd. Peter Smith has lent his knowledge to some of the lowest energy airtight buildings in Ireland.

 Roman is a qualified Passivhaus Tradesman and will impart priceless time and cost saving tips on how to deliver reliable airtightness on site. Since 2000 Ecological Building Systems have been at the forefront pioneering the delivery of Intelligent Solutions for Airtightness solutions in Ireland and the UK.

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Certified Passive House Tradesperson Course

Building Envelope Specialist Training

Passive House buildings refer to a standard and not a certain construction method. Passive House standards of performance have been tried and tested and proven to repeatedly deliver real high performance, comfortable, healthy buildings. Passive House is as much a build quality standard, as it is an energy performance standard. Good planning and careful implementation of details are decisive factors in the construction of Passive House buildings. The aim of this training is to convey an overall impression of the interdisciplinary Passive House concept and how to ensure what is designed, is delivered on site.

Trainee Profile:
Experienced qualified tradespersons working in the construction industry. Prior attendance to Ecological Building Systems “Fabric First” and “Airtightness” courses will provide participants with an excellent knowledge base for this course.
Duration: 2 days + exam day
Course Fee: €425 includes the cost of the examination and international certification.
“Certified Passive House Tradesperson”
Building Envelope Specialist Certificate
The Passivhaus Tradesperson qualification is an internationally accredited by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany. On successful completion of the exam, participants are listed on the Passivhaus Tradesperson database.
Venue: Centre of Knowledge, Ecological Building Systems, Athboy
Bookings/ Inquiries: Email

Dates for 2017:

  • To be confirmed.

You can download further information here

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