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Airtightness, Weathertightness and Wood Fibre Insulation on CLT Structures Virtual CPD

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) construction has seen a vast increase in popularity in recent years and is proving a welcome shift from energy intensive traditional construction such as masonry and steel. Focusing on optimisation of design and the on-site delivery of high-performing mass timber constructions, this CPD brings together expertise in natural wood fibre insulation as well as intelligent airtightness and windtightness solutions with specialist fixings systems.

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6th November

Date and time

6th November 2024
1:00pm - 2:00pm


Interactive Online Training


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Ideal for

  • Architects
  • Architectural Technologists
  • Specifiers
  • Building Surveyors
  • Contractors
  • Consultants (Energy, Passivhaus)
  • Students
  • Anyone interested in sustainable, energy efficient building

Key learning

  • Introduction to CLT and high performance mass timber construction
  • Airtightness and windtightness solutions
  • Detailing and critical junctions
  • Weather protection strategies at erection phase
  • Optimal design and on-site delivery
  • Benefits of wood fibre insulation
  • Detailed specification guidance on woodfibre on walls and roofs of CLT
  • Detailing and critical junctions
  • Fixing specification details for Woodfibre to CLT
  • Case studies including domestic and non domestic low energy and Passivhaus projects


Who it is for

This training is aimed at professionals from all disciplines of the building design and construction industry who are interested in using natural and sustainable materials to insulation high performance CLT constructions.

This is an open CPD with participants joining from different organisations.  We are offering virtual design reviews with individuals following the CPD to enable you to discuss the details of specific projects with our technical team.

If you have a number of colleagues wanting to attend and a more tailored approach would be preferable, we can provide a dedicated virtual CPD for your team, which can be requested by sending an email to us at info@ecologicalbuildingsystems.com

What you learn

We will look at reasons for using wood, consider the future of the built environment, the potential of this natural resource and our environmental responsibility to build sustainably.

Taking a simple, systematic approach, we will present the perfect method for achieving optimal thermal performance in CLT constructions, using a combination of natural wood fibre insulation, airtightness and windtightness solutions.

We will share lessons learnt from the numerous CLT projects we have been involved with and spend some time looking at examples of detailing and critical junctions.  We will also cover specialist fixing details for wood fibre insulation with CLT.  

Following a summary, we would be pleased to look at how this applies to a practice specific project, with design review and discussion.

What you will do?

You will receive industry leading training from a highly experienced technical professional with the opportunity to ask questions.  We will show examples of different types of wood fibre insulation including rigid boards, flexible batts and loose fill as well as a range of airtightness and windtightness membranes, tapes and accessories.

What happens on the day?

You will receive an email containing the link to join the virtual CPD which will be taking place via Zoom.

There will be a brief introduction, followed by the presentation, with the opportunity to ask questions throughout the presentation via the chat box. We'll answer as many questions as possible at various points during the session and afterwards via email if we run short of time.

As this is an open CPD with participants joining from different organisations, we are offering virtual design reviews with individuals, to enable you to discuss specific projects in more detail with our technical team.  This can be requested by sending an email to us at info@ecologicalbuildingsystems.com

Key points to take away based on feedback from previous attendees

The use of Woodfibre insulation in conjunction with CLT and its benefits in construction, airtightness, windtightness and weather protection processes and solutions at the building phase:

  • Benefits of CLT
  • Airtightness strategies for CLT with 3 alternative approaches
  • Protecting CLT at the building phase
  • Thermal and acoustic benefits of Woodfibre insulation with CLT
  • Fixing specifications for Woodfibre to CLT
  • Environmental benefits of Woodfibre insulation including EPD’s and certification
  • Compliance with relevant elements of building regulations
  • Technical support available from Ecological Building Systems

What you Gain

Having been involved technically with many exemplar projects, Ecological can bring an invaluable contribution to specifiers and contractors on the subject. In Ireland CLT construction is still in its infancy, however, it is rapidly growing in popularity and there is a noticeable increase in the volume of enquiries. The UK, on the other hand, is in a unique position to capitalise on the success and momentum of the early CLT pathfinder projects, and many more ground-breaking schemes are planned.

Some notable projects include:

  • Headquarters of The Woodlands Trust in Grantham
  • The Steiner Academy in Frome
  • Headquarters of furniture company Vitsoe in Leamington Spa
  • Certified Passivhaus in London

Points Gained

This CPD is a 1-hour stand-alone CPD providing 1 point towards maintaining your professional standard. 

Sustainable architecture is a rapidly developing area and is included on the list of the 10 mandatory RIBA core curriculum CPD topics. There is a requirement for a minimum of 2 hours to be spent on each of the 10 core topics.

How it can be applied in the future (based on feedback from previous attendees):

  • Consider the use of CLT in building
  • Consider the specification of more sustainable insulation such as GUTEX woodfibre

Continued Development 

The content of this CPD provides excellent background knowledge in new build design and delivery of high performance CLT construction in conjunction with Gutex woodfibre insulation and the Pro Clima range of high performance airtightness and windtightness membranes, tapes and seals.


  • Why wood?
  • Keeping it simple with CLT and wood fibre insulation
  • Achieving airtightness and windtightness with CLT
  • Specialist fixing details for wood fibre insulation with CLT
  • Summary
  • Practice specific design review and discussion


Andy Cook

Andy Cook

Technical Specification Advisor (CEPHC)

Andy’s career has spanned 20 years in the Scottish construction industry. With experience in almost every aspect of construction, from procurement and tendering through to architectural detailing, health and safety and quality control, he has worked on a vast array of projects both hands-on as a tradesman and in supervisory and management roles. He has higher level qualifications in architectural technology and quantity surveying as well as CEPH consultant and tradesperson certification from the Passive House Institute. He built his first certified passive house in 2011.

Neil Turner

Neil Turner

UK Technical Manager (BSc Hons)

Neil Turner is Technical Manager at Ecological Building Systems. A former competent person of the BBA/TIMSA U-Value and Condensation Risk Calculation Competency Scheme, who has been involved in developing CEN (Comité Européen de Normalisation) European standards, Neil has extensive experience in the building products sector. Neil advises architects, contractors and timber frame specialists on the specification of sustainable insulation products and has been involved in numerous sustainable projects throughout the UK.

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