pro clima ROFLEX pipe grommets

Product Description

If pipes or cables penetrate the airtightness layer, they too must be securely sealed. The most suitable means of doing this is with airtightness grommets made from EPDM. This flexible material allows a tight flexible fit, and ROFLEX is available in all common diameters. ROFLEX grommets should be sealed to the membrane with TESCON No. 1/VANA.

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Technical Detail

Material/s EPDM
Temperature Resistance -40°C to +120°C
Life Expectancy 60 years +
Usage Interior and Exterior
3rd party accrediation NSAI

Grommet Sizes

Roflex 20 15-30mm pipe diameter 145mm x 145mm perimeter
Roflex 30 30-50mm pipe diameter 140mm x 140mm perimeter
Roflex 50 50-90mm pipe diamater 140mm x 140mm perimeter
Roflex 100 100-120mm pipe diameter 200mm x 200mm perimeter
Roflex 150 120-170mm pipe diameter 250mm x 250mm perimeter
Roflex 200 170-220mm pipe diamater 300mm x 300mm perimeter
Roflex 250 220-270mm pipe diameter 450mm x 450mm perimeter
Roflex 300 270-320mm pipe diameter 500mm x 500mm perimeter


Data Sheets

ROFLEX 100 DatasheetROFLEX 100 DatasheetTechnical Data Sheet
ROFLEX 20 DatasheetROFLEX 20 DatasheetTechnical Data Sheet
ROFLEX 20 MULTI DatasheetROFLEX 20 MULTI DatasheetTechnical Data Sheet
ROFLEX 200 DatasheetROFLEX 200 DatasheetTechnical Data Sheet
ROFLEX 250 DatasheetROFLEX 250 DatasheetTechnical Data Sheet
ROFLEX 30 DatasheetROFLEX 30 DatasheetTechnical Data Sheet
ROFLEX 300 DatasheetROFLEX 300 DatasheetTechnical Data Sheet
ROFLEX 50 DatasheetROFLEX 50 DatasheetTechnical Data Sheet
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