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Ecological have been providing airtightness and thermal insulation training for over a decade. During this time over a thousand people have passed through our training centre from many backgrounds in the construction industry.

These include architects, building consultants, and various tradesmen including airtightness and insulation installers, and homeowners. 

With knowledge which we have garnered in partnership with leading European insulation and airtightness solution providers and technical institutes over almost 15 years.

Ecological Building Systems are in a unique position to impart best practice low energy building principles using more natural materials in Ireland and the UK.

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Niall Crosson Senior Engineer at Ecological Building Systems

Niall Crosson (Group Technical Manager) Ecological Building Systems, M.Eng.Sc. BTech, MIEI, CEPHC.

Niall holds a degree as a Bachelor of Technology (1st class Hons.) and a Masters Eng. Sc. He is also a Certified Passivhaus Consultant. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Irish Green Building Council and provides guidance on a number of national standard committees. He has provided guidance to many awards winning low energy projects in Ireland and the UK. He has also co-authored and authored chapters for a number of low energy building publications including The Passivhaus Handbook and The Passivhaus Designers Manual. Niall also provides regular technical contributions to a number of construction publications including The Journal of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland.  

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Peter Smith, Technical Support, Ecological Building Systems. 

Peter Smith has been with Ecological Building Systems for 10 years, having had many years’ experience as project manager on many new builds and significant conservation projects. As well as delivering presentations to many heritage groups and architect practices, Peter provides direct site support where he gives builders and architects advice on achieving optimum air tightness and maximising thermal performance while minimising condensation risk.  Peter is a Certified Passive House Tradesperson and a Diasen Specialist Advisor  

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Joe Fitzgerald, Group Technical Member, BSc Energy, PgDip Eng.

Joe holds a Post Graduate in Green Engineering and is a Qualified Energy Manager.  Joe studies Sustainable Construction in his Under   Graduate and has been involved professionally or academically in building performance since 2010.  Joe is also a Certified Passivhaus Tradesperson

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Ecobuild2nZEB Training Course (T.B.A) SEAI Product of the Show Award Recipient

Following on the success of the award-winning Passive Eco-Wall system, Ecological Building Systems is offering a full day's workshop with step by step instructions on building a new home using ecological materials based on Passive House principals to meet nZEB standard and ensure a healthy home for life.  The one-day course focuses on a virtual building model 

What does the Ecobuild2nZEB course cover:

The day begins with design considerations including an introduction to DesignPH and PHPP, Part L compliance & DEAP assessments, Passive House certification and Home Performance Index HPI Certification

Then we investigate the Insulated fabric in detail while examining various assembly options for walls and roofs.  Participants will also be challenged with solving some thermal bridge free details.

The final part of the day will focus on Airtightness and Ventilation in new construction concluding with a tour of the training centre and blower door demonstration.

5 CPD points are awarded on completion of course.  Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance, and access to an online knowledge platform which will include the following: construction details in cad & pdf, junction thermal bridge assessment, Build-desk U-Value calculations in pdf, a pre-filled DEAP assessment file, a preliminary PHPP file for the model house 

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Pro Clima Intelligent Airtightness Training Course (March 19th 2020) 

Are you confused about Airtightness and vapour control – Take the pressure off by taking part in our Intelligent Airtightness Training Program. Are you aiming to meet or surpass the latest requirements of the building regulations or perhaps you are aiming to meet Passivhaus levels of airtightness?

Improving thermal insulation, reducing air leakage and reducing thermal bridging is invisible but vital to the thermal performance, structural durability, comfort and health of the living space in our buildings. To attain this we must insist on better building practices and materials from the design stage to the building site and put the fabric first.

Airtightness is a core element in ensuring thermal insulation performs to its optimum, and to deliver more durable, healthy comfortable buildings. It is with this in mind that Ecological Building Systems have launched our latest course, pro clima Intelligent Airtightness Training. This is timely with the requirement for airtightness testing in new buildings and an increased awareness of the need for improved airtightness in both new and existing.

The course is delivered at our Centre of Knowledge in Athboy, Co Meath. Training is provided by our in-house technical expert Peter Smith and Roman Szypura of Clioma House Ltd. Peter Smith has lent his knowledge to some of the lowest energy airtight buildings in Ireland.

 Roman is a qualified Passivhaus Tradesman and will impart priceless time and cost saving tips on how to deliver reliable airtightness on site. Since 2000 Ecological Building Systems have been at the forefront pioneering the delivery of Intelligent Solutions for Airtightness solutions in Ireland and the UK.

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