ELKA Strong Boards

Product Description

Elka Strong Board (ESB) is a highly diffusion open, structural wood particle board.

Intended for use in load bearing structural elements in humid condition and is categorised as a P5 racking board.

When compared to a standard OSB3 panel, ESB has a significantly lower diffusion resistance factor and is an ideal solution for allowing vapour movement in diffusion open constructions.

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Technical Detail


Materials Made from 100% locally sourced fresh wood chips without any recycled content.
Size of Boards 2440 x 1220 x 12mm - 50 sheets per pallet
Usage Interior & Exterior (with pro clima membranes)
Certification CE, PEFC and FSC
Diffusion Resistance Factor 40 in Accordance with EN 12572
Category P5 Racking Board
Manufactured In Germany.  ESB (P5) are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 312


Data Sheets

ELKA FSC Cert ELKA FSC Cert Certification
ELKA PEFC Cert ELKA PEFC Cert Certification
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