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Pro Clima Orcon F Extrusion Gun

600ml Gun
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Main purpose

For the swift application of larger capacity foil cartridges to reduce plastic waste on site caused by using smaller 310ml extrusion gun cartridges.

Use it on

Orcon F 600ml foil tube cartridges or other 600ml sealant / caulking cartridges.


The Pro Clima Profi Extrusion gun is a simple, easy to use tool for the application of Orcon F and other sealants and caulking supplied in 600ml foil cartridges. Using 600ml foil cartridges reduces the amount of packaging and plastic waste on site when compared to the use of standard plastic 310ml cartridge tubes.

Where to use it

The Pro Clima Profi 600ml Extrusion gun can be used for the application of Orcon F from 600ml foil cartridge. It can also be used with other sealants, caulking and mastics supplied in 600ml foil cartridges.

What it does

Allows easy application of Orcon F, mastics and glues for sealing gaps and applying silicone beading etc. Empty foil cartridges produce much less plastic waste on site than smaller 310ml plastic cartridges.  

Why we love it

The adjustable design of this extrusion gun allows for anyone to use it easily; it can be setup for different sized hands for better comfort and ease of use. The high-quality manufacturing and impact resistant materials ensure the risk of damage on site is minimised. 

How it works

Simply withdraw the plunger all the way back, unscrew the end of the gun and insert an opened foil cartridge. It is then ready to use.


  • Adjustable design
  • Poly-carbonate cylinder
  • Automatic disengage feature


  • Larger 600ml cartridges reduce plastic waste on site.
  • May be adjusted to suit different hand sizes and the angle of application.
  • Impact resistant ensures durability on site.
  • Automatically disengages to reduce risk of the materials being wasted.


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