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Auro Woodstain 160
Auro Woodstain 160
Auro Woodstain 160

Auro Woodstain 160

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Main purpose

A woodstain which contains only organic raw materials which is semi-transparent. It is available in a wide range of different colours for a breathable protective layer on wood and wood-based materials.

Use it on

Interior and exterior wood, wood-based materials. Doors, furniture, windows, kitchen and bedroom furniture, garden furniture, wooden sheds, fences, beehives. The colourless woodstain is for interior use only.


An environmentally friendly woodstain which is made from organic raw materials. Available in clear and a large range of colours – the woodstain is semi-transparent so the wood grain can be seen through the colour. It produces a beautiful satin finish which is breathable and long lasting. It is suitable for both inside and outside, this product is very easy to use, water thinnable and vegan friendly.

Where to use it

Auro Woodstain 160 is an environmentally friendly woodstain which contains only organic raw materials and minerals, it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is suitable for both interior and exterior wood. (Colourless is for interior use only) The colours can be mixed together to create your own unique shades if desired.  The woodstains are not suitable for floors or for wood which has direct soil contact.

What it does

It protects the surface from dirt and gives good weather resistance. It is solvent-free and virtually odourless.

Why we love it

The paint is virtually odourless, solvent-free, it can be used on Children’s Toys and Cots without any harmful effects it is tested and certified as Safe for Toys and is Saliva- and perspiration-proof. It is water and UV Resistant and is a long-lasting product.

This Auro woodstain is a vegan friendly paint and impressively it is fully compostable.

How it works

The Auro Woodstain is a water thinnable paint which can be diluted with water. It allows the timber to breathe while giving it a beautiful satin finish. For timber which contain active substances they should be primed using the Auro Special Primer 117. The Woodstain layer over the surface which is easy to maintain and clean.

Hints and Tips

Mix colours together to make your own unique shades if desired.



  • Breathable
  • Transparency of Ingredients
  • Easy to Apply
  • Vegan Friendly Product
  • Non-toxic, organic and Safe
  • Fully Compostable
  • Award Winning Product


  • Improves the indoor air quality
  • Will not trap moisture in the wood
  • Plastic Free
  • All ingredients are compostable
  • Brush, roller or Spray application
  • Good coverage 13sq/m per Litre
  • Overcoatable after 24 hours
  • Child and Pet Safe
  • Tested according to DIN EN 71, Part 3, “Safe for toys”
  • Tested according to DIN 53160, “Saliva- and perspiration-proof”.
  • Nominated test winner by the German 'Stiftung Warentest' (Organization for the Comparative Testing of Consumer Goods) test on wood stains
  • Low Emission


Can this be used outside?

Yes, all colours except for the colourless can be used both inside and outside. 

I am looking for a non toxic woodstain to paint my kids playhouse, would this be suitable?

Yes, all the ingredients in the woodstain are natural so it is perfectly safe to use. It is certified as safe to use on children's toys too. It is a brilliant eco friendly woodstain which can be used internally as well as externally as it has brilliant weather resistance. The Auro 160 woodstain is an award winning product in a test for wood stains.  

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Technical Details

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Technical Datasheet

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Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)

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Installation Guide

Priming: For timber which has not been painted before priming can be done by using the Auro Hard Primer 127 or by thinning out the first coat of woodstain with 20% water. Certain Wood types can cause tannin, discolouration and drying delays these should be primed with Auro Special Primer 117.

Interior Painting: 1 or 2 coats of the woodstain should then be applied unthinned with a light sanding in between coats. The woodstain can be used on all wood types and wood-based materials.

Exterior Painting: Priming should be done as outlined above. 3 Coats of Woodstain should be applied with a light sanding in between coats on exterior surfaces. The clear does not have UV protection so therefore is not suitable for external use. Garden sheds, window frames, doors, garden furniture are some popular choices for the Woodstain. Some of the bright colours are a popular choice for customers who are painting beehives. It has excellent weather resistance and UV protection so suited for our Irish climate.

Renovation: The renovation process is very simple, a light sanding before reapplying the Auro Woodstain 160 is all that is needed before getting it looking like new again.

It is very easy to apply by brush, roller or by spraying. Coverage is up to 13sq/m per litre. We recommend leaving 24 hours in between coats. If painting over a previously painted surface, a light sanding would be desired, and it is good practice to test a small area before undertaking any large job for compatibility.

Tools should be cleaned with water and Auro Plant Soap 411. Orange oil 191 can be used if necessary. 

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