Ecological Building Systems

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The need for pipes and cables to penetrate through the exterior walls of a building is a standard requirement but it can also be a weak point for airtightness, allowing cold air to enter the building and warm air to escape.

Our range of high performance, flexible tapes for sealing around extruding pipes and cables provide a strong, durable seal to ensure the airtightness of your building is maintained, contributing to the overall optimal energy efficiency of the building.

We supply tapes suitable for sealing around pipes and cables both internally, to maintain airtightness and externally, to provide windtight and watertight seals, protecting the building from water ingress and damp.

We also supply a range of EPDM airtight grommets, specifically designed for creating a strong, robust airtight seal around pipe and cable penetrations.  Grommets provide an efficient, effective solution and are available in a range of sizes and formats to suit all pipe and cable scenarios, as well as heat resistance products for hot water pipes and flues.