Wellhofer Airtight Attic Hatch

Product Description

  • NEW IMPROVED U-VALUE - The complete hatch now features a low U-value of 0.58W/m2k certified to EN ISO 12567 – 1: 2010-12.

  • The Wellhöfer 4D attic hatch not only features a certified airtight and pre-insulated attic door but also features an independent airtightness sealing system which seals the hatch frame to the surrounding timber joists, noggins or the adjacent airtightness and vapour control layer.
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Technical Detail



Standard Size (size of ceiling opening in cms)
Length 120
Width 60
Height 25
Finished Measurement The finished measurement of the casing is 1.5 cm smaller in length and width than the ceiling.
Attic Ladders The Wellhofer 4D is supplied with a ladder which has a floor to ceiling height of 2570-2680mm.
U Value 0.58



Attic stairs according to EN 14975 do not fall under construction products guideline
and/or Construction Products Regulation
Therefore no CE mark based a declaration of performance is needed