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Aerosana Visconn sealing a wall to floor junction
Aerosana Visconn Black (blue when wet and dries black))
Aerosana Visconn spray application
Sealing an area with Aerosana Visconn where tape would be unsuitable
600ml Foil Cartridges of Aerosana Visconn with Aerofixx Applicator Gun (sold seperately)
Aerosana Visconn Black 600ml Foil Cartridge
Aerosana Visconn White 600ml Foil Cartridge

Pro Clima Aerosana Visconn

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Main purpose

Easy-to-use liquid applied membrane to rapidly airtight seal substrates and areas that would be more difficult (and slower) to seal with tape or are unsuitable for tape. 

Use it on

Smooth or rough brick, blockwork, stone, concrete, timber, wood based sheathing boards and panels. Especially in large or small areas where tape/membrane is difficult, unsuitable or time consuming to apply. Any gaps and cracks must be no more than 3mm wide.


Aerosana Visconn is a highly flexible liquid-applied air barrier. As a water-based acrylic dispersion sealant it can be brushed, rolled or sprayed on as a liquid film. Once dry it forms a seamless, elastic, airtight and humidity variable membrane for filling gaps up to 3mm. Larger gaps can be filled with Visconn Fibre.

Where to use it

Primarily used indoors on brick and blockwork to seal porous surfaces and prevent air leakage. It is a viable lightweight alternative to the traditional means of airtightness on masonry buildings where a two coat plaster system would be used. Aerosana Visconn can be combined with vapour open racking boards such as Elka Strong Board in lightweight timber frame buildings to maintain the buildings vapour movement. It can also be used in conjunction with CLT buildings and used externally if in a sheltered location. 

The 600ml foil cartridges are specifically designed for use with Pro Clima Aerofixx Applicator Gun.  Although the cartridge will fit in a typical 600ml extrusion gun, the consistency is unsuitable for this type of applicator and its nozzle. We would recommend brush application of Aerosana Visconn if you are using 600ml cartridges without an Aerofixx Applicator Gun.

What it does

Aerosana Visconn liquid membrane creates an airtight film to seal the porous air permeable substrate it is being applied to. Once dried it provides a robust, permanently elastic fully airtight layer, while allowing for the movement of harmful levels of moisture with its humidity variable properties. It sticks to all standard construction materials, all Pro Clima membranes and membranes made from aluminium and paper.

How it works

Aerosana Visconn airtight membrane is sprayed or brushed on in several coats in order to fully seal pores of the substrate to which it is being applied. Once dried Aerosana Visconn creates a film over the substrate it has been applied to and renders the areas air tight but still with a high degree of flexibility for future movement, something not achievable with the use of plaster or even airtight tapes and membranes.  Aerosana Visconn Black has a blue colour when wet and will turn black once it is dried.  The white version is the same colour when wet or dry.  

Where gaps are greater than 3mm in width, it is recommended to use Aerosana Visconn Fibre; this can seal gaps of up to 20mm in width and is applied by brush.

The 600ml foil cartridges of Aerosana Visconn can be loaded into Pro Clima's Aerofixx Applicator Gun. This applicator gun uses compressed air to spray apply Aerosana Visconn or apply it as a bead.

Why we love it

The wide range of movements that are common in buildings especially during the drying out phase such as issues of cracked plasters can negatively affect the airtightness of buildings as they dry and settle. Due to Aerosana Visconn’s impressive elasticity, the flexibility of the dried material is of significant benefit and offers an impressive range of movement without compromising its robust airtightness properties.

Aerosana Visconn is third party tested by the IFT Rosenheim as a suitable airtight weather resistant material for use in critical window and door junction areas, and has been verified and certified by the renowned Passivhaus Institute.

Aerosana Visconn White can be used when the sealed area will remain visible and/or needs to blend in with other lightly coloured painted surfaces.  Also useful in situations where light colours are a health and safety requirement (e.g. in a lift shaft).

System warranty

Pro Clima provide a limited system warranty, backed-up with public liability insurance, for all airtightness system, roof and wall sealing system and construction products that they supply. A 10-year warranty is provided for these products when correctly installed in combination with approved thermal insulation materials and other Pro Clima system products. When correctly installed in combination with other manufacturers’ products (not made by Pro Clima), a 6-year warranty is provided.


  • Speedy
  • Versatile
  • Permanently Flexible
  • Humidity variable
  • PH certified
  • Drying times
  • Safe to use
  • Available in black or white


  • The application can speed up airtightness installation significantly, especially in awkward retrofit areas around timber elements such as timber joist ends.
  • Can be spray, brush or roller applied in a variety of locations internally or externally.
  • Once dried it has excellent elasticity giving a robust, long term flexible airtightness layer which allows for movement.
  • It is an intelligent airtightness layer with a variable sd value, meaning it maintains vapour movement in the wall/roof.
  • Dries quickly and so allows for better sequencing and more efficient labour on site. Reduces moisture levels on site in comparison to parge coats or a 2 coat wet plaster system on blockwork/ brickwork.
  • ISO 16000 hazardous substance compliant.


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Technical Details

Key Technical Data

Technical Datasheet

Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)


Installation Guide

System Brochure

Installation Guide

How to Install

Aerosana Visconn can be sprayed, brush or rolled onto the surface to be made airtight. Depending on access and the size of the area needing to be sealed the liquid barrier can be applied in various ways.

Smaller and difficult to reach areas typical in retrofits can often be easily sealed with a brush. Timber joist end details, areas around wall plate at eaves levels as well as junctions around services and electrics can be sealed by brush for a quick drying lightweight airtight solution.

Larger areas of masonry can be sealed effectively using an appropriate spray machine. Areas such as fair faced blockwork in schools or gymnasiums can be coated to effectively seal the porous substrate while maintaining the features and shaped outline of the masonry behind.

For these larger areas the speed of application as well as the significant reduction in the onsite drying time and labour involved with the liquid applied air barrier leads to a much easier, cost effective solution over that of a traditional plastered system.

Preparing the surface before spray applying Aerosana Visconn
Preparing the surface before spray applying Aerosana Visconn
Spray applying Aerosana Visconn to a block wall
Spray applying Aerosana Visconn to a block wall (it will change colour after drying)
Aerosana Visconn once applied to the junction of a block wall and concrete floor
Aerosana Visconn once applied to the junction of a block wall and concrete floor
Aerosana Visconn before application
Aerosana Visconn before application
Aerosana Visconn after application
Aerosana Visconn after application

Hints and Tips

If Aerosana Visconn is applied externally care should be taken to ensure adequate protection is provided against the elements, in particular the rain. Application to frozen surfaces is not possible, and there must be no water-repellent substances (e.g. grease or silicone) on materials to be sprayed.

Aerosana Visconn is capable of covering gaps, cracks and joints of up to 3 mm width. Cracks or pores larger than this 3mm can be sealed using Aerosana Visconn Fibre, capable of sealing gaps of up to 20mm wide.

Porous or rough blockwork should be assessed prior to application and adequate coverage applied to ensure the full filling of pores to achieve superior air leakage results.

Optimum coverage is generally achieved when a layer is first sprayed on horizontally and then sprayed over vertically in a cross pattern.

Horizontally spray applying Aerosana Visconn on hard-to-reach timber joists
Horizontally spray applying Aerosana Visconn on hard-to-reach timber joists
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