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Silver Bark House, Co. Down

A stylish, timber-clad dwelling built to Passive House standards, situated on a gently sloping site with views of the Mourne mountains, Co. Down. Built with a focus on energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions, the building earned the prestigious top spot in the Sustainability Category at the 2023 RIAI Architecture Awards. To ensure airtightness, SuperPan VapourStop, a passivhaus-certified racking board with EPD certification, was utilised on the internal side of the timber frame walls. Solitex Adhero, a peel & stick breather membrane, was then used on the external side, behind the cladding, to provide additional protection.

View from the roadside of Silver Bark Passive House
Front elevation of Silver Bark Passive House
Captured by Keri-Leigh Kearney
Solitex Adhero peel and stick membrane on a timber frame wall with scaffolding in the foreground
Portrait shot of a large window and larch cladding
Captured by Keri-Leigh Kearney
Internal view of a hallway with wooden flooring and and two open doors.
Captured by Keri-Leigh Kearney
Finsa SuperPan VapourStop airtight racking boards fitted to timber frame wall before windows have been installed
A view from the second story of scaffolding of Solitex Adhero on the exterior of the timber frame
The two prominent ridges on Silver Bark Passive House showing larch cladding finish
Captured by Keri-Leigh Kearney
A prominent window jutting out from the timber frame
Captured by Keri-Leigh Kearney
Elevation view of Silver Bark Passive House before cladding is added
Portrait shot of entranceway with cores drilled in Finsa Superpan Vapourstop racing board from and Solitex Adhero on external wall
Double sliding doors and courtyard
Captured by Keri-Leigh Kearney
Large window and door opening prior to their installation, with Solitex Adhero on external wall.
Large opening in the larch cladding for a garage
Captured by Keri-Leigh Kearney
Solitex Adhero being installed at a height
Internal window on second floor of Silver Bark Passive House
Captured by Keri-Leigh Kearney
Marshall McCann Architects
FourSeven Ltd.
Timber Frame
Fallis Passive Design & Build
0.4 ACH @ 50Pa
RIAI Architecture Awards 2023
Sustainability Category Winner
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