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Contemporary Vernacular Passive House, Co. Cavan

This naturally insulated certified Passive House in the rolling drumlin hills of County Cavan belongs to our Group Technical Manager, Niall Crosson. 

Cavan Passive House Side View
Cavan Passive House viewed from a distance just after completion
Intello airtight membrane on ceiling with pipe fitted with airtight grommet
Bosig structural insulation board fitted at door opening
Fronta Humida applied to timber frame with first course of external blockwork
Gutex Multitherm on outside of timber frame
Gutex Multitherm wood fibre insulation over rafters
Thermafleece CosyWool sheepswool insulation fitted between joists on ceiling
Gutex Multitherm wood fibre insulation fully fitted on roof
Solitex Plus windtight membrane beneath roof tiles
Wellhofer attic hatch accessing roof space
Thermafleece sheeps wool insulation fitted between studs
Cavan Passive House rear elevation
Cavan Passive House in the evening time with view over lake
Quadruple glazing in passive house
Glazing on kitchen window
Primary Energy Requirement
95 kWh/m²/year
Air Pressure Test Result
0.39 AC/H @ 50 Pascals
Space Heating Demand
11 kWh/m²/year
Heating load
10 W/m²
Treated Floor Area
U Value - Exterior wall
0.11 W/m²K
U Value - Roof
0.1 W/m²K
U Value - Ground floor
0.1 W/m²K
U Value - Windows (average)
0.8 W/m²K
Niall Smith Architects
Installer (Timber Frame)
Timbertech Homes
Installer (Airtightness)
Clíoma House
Installer (Gutex Thermofibre)
Clíoma House
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