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Auro Premium Wall & Ceiling Paint 555 - Colours
Auro Premium Wall & Ceiling Paint 555 - Colours
AURO Paint being applied by roller
AURO Paint being applied by roller
Auro Colours for Life 555 Paints
Auro Colours for Life 555 Paints
Auro Colours for Life range of colours
Auro Colours for Life range of colours
Auro Premium Wall & Ceiling Paint 555 - Colours AURO Paint being applied by roller Auro Colours for Life 555 Paints Auro Colours for Life range of colours

Auro 97 Colours Premium Wall Paint 555

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Product Overview

Main purpose

A breathable Matt Finish for interior walls and ceilings available in a wide range of ecologically consistent Auro colours

Use it on

Interior walls and ceilings including lime, clay or gypsum plaster (that has been primed with Auro 321/524/301), wallpaper, concrete or brick. Also suitable for use over previously painted surfaces that are compatible with all water-based paint. 


This is Auro’s ready mixed premium paint. Available in 100's of colours it is a breathable paint suitable for interior surfaces. It is made from natural ingredients from renewable and mineral sources. It is VOC free, water thinnable and wipeable. Unlike most conventional paints, this premium paint does not contain any harmful ingredients or plastics and it is vegan friendly.

Where to use it

Auro Premium Wall & Ceiling Paint 555 is suitable for all interior rooms, including kitchens, bathrooms and nurseries. From newly plastered walls to previously painted surfaces (please test a small area first to ensure compatibility).  Auro 555 paint can also be used on wallpaper, all types of plaster (gypsum, clay and lime), concrete surfaces and brick.

What it does

Auro Premium Wall & Ceiling Paint 555 is a fully breathable matt finish made from natural ingredients and unlike most conventional paints the Auro paint does not contain any harmful ingredients or plastics. The paint is a very hard wearing, wipeable paint which is excellent for the indoor air climate of a building and the health of the occupants.

The Auro Premium Wall & Ceiling Paint 555 is a breathable matt coloured finish for interior walls and ceilings.

The natural paint colours have a good abrasion resistance (class 2-3, DIN 53778) and opacity (class 2).

The light to medium Auro colours are wipeable but due to the amount of pigment required to make dark or vibrant colours, these natural paint colours are not. 

Why we love it

Auro 555 is a vegan friendly premium paint and impressively the paint is fully compostable.

How it works

Auro is the first paint manufacturer to develop a fully automated tinting system for wall paints using consistently ecological earth and mineral pigments finely ground into pastes. This is the largest range of ready mixed natural paints available in Ireland.

Hints and Tips

When painting over a previously painted surface a test area should be done by brushing a small amount of paint onto the area which is to be painted. What you are checking is that the paint bonds and dries to the surface without any reaction. 


  • Breathable Paint
  • Excellent Coverage
  • AgBB Certified as class A+
  • Transparency of Ingredients
  • Plastic Free Paint
  • Vegan Friendly Product
  • Easy to Apply
  • Paint is Compostable
  • Eco Friendly


  • Allows the Surface to Breathe
  • Reduces the Risk of Mould
  • Coverage up to 9sq/m per Litre
  • Drip and Splash resistant
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • VOC Free
  • Full declaration of ingredients
  • Child and Pet Safe
  • Brush, roller or Spray application
  • Good coverage 9sq/m per Litre
  • Overcoatable after 4 – 6 hours


I am trying to match a particular colour and I don't see the shade I am looking for in these colours. Are there other colours available?

Yes, displayed here are what we call our standard colour chart featuring 96 colours. We can produce 100's of colours using our tinting machine using natural pigments. Please contact info@auropaints.ie  for more information and we will be happy to help.

My walls are already painted but I do not know what paint is on it, can I use Auro over it?

Generally, there is no problem here. We do strongly recommend trying a sample area first just to be sure they are compatible as we do not know what paint was used previously. Tester pots are available on the website! A good option for difficult or unknown surfaces is to prime with the Grip Coat Primer 505.

Is this paint breathable?

Yes it is breathable, It has an sd value of 0.1. 

I am looking for a RAL colour and I want to use Auro, can you mix RAL Colours?

Yes, we can product the majority of RAL colours. Please get in touch with us and we will arrange - info@auropaints.ie 

I don't see the colour I previously ordered here, where would I find it?

Yes, we have updated our colour chart to offer a more extensive range of colours from our standard collection. Please contact info@auropaints.ie to let us know what other colour you would like. All colours are still available.

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Technical Details

Key Technical Data

Technical Datasheet

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Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)

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Installation Guide

It can be applied just like any other conventional paint, by brush, roller or sprayer. It is re-coatable after 4 – 6 hours. High humidity and low temperatures could lengthen drying times.

Suitable for all interior rooms, including kitchens, bathrooms and nurseries, older properties with potential damp problems, newly plastered walls and painting over previously painted surfaces. (We strongly recommend a test area to ensure compatibility prior to carrying out the job). The paint can also be used on wallpaper, plaster, clay plaster, concrete, brick and lime plaster.

Newly plastered walls should be primed with Auro Plaster Primer 301 if they are very absorbent (for example Gypsum Plaster) or alternatively priming must be done with a coat of white Auro 321, 331, 524 so that the finishing colour is consistent. If a colour is applied directly onto new plaster without priming the finish can be inconsistent and patchy. If any filling needs to be done the Auro Wall Filler 329 can be used.

When painting dark or vibrant colours more care needs to be taken. The surface should be primed with the Auro Grip Coat Primer 505 to establish a stable base and a consistent absorbency level for it to be painted, one coat of primer will suffice. Allow 6 hours drying time before applying your colour. Apply the colour quickly working to a wet edge. Allow 24 hours drying in between coats. 

It is important if being used on new lime plaster that adequate drying time passes before painting. The pH level of new lime is high and this needs to neutralize before painting can take place. 

For previously painted surfaces a test patch is always recommended for compatibility. On difficult or unknown surfaces, it is a good idea to use the Auro Grip Coat 505 as a primer.

It does not contain any oils so will not yellow and emits very little odour during the drying process. It is VOC free. It is rated as A+ by the Agbb (Health – related evaluation of Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds)

Tools can be cleaned with water, add Auro Plant Soap 411 if needed.

Hints and Tips

When painting onto new plaster a coat of Auro white paint or Auro plaster primer will allow for a more consistent colour finish. 

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