Diasen Diathonite Evolution Thermal Plaster

Product Description

Features & Benefits 

Diasen - Green Building Future

Energy Saving

Excellent insulation against cold and heat.  Keeps walls warm in winter and cool in summer Thermal Insulation: With a thermal conductivity of only 0.045W/mK, the plaster system attains excellent thermal resistance, which significantly increases the thermal resistance of solid walls mechanical strength. 

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Technical Detail


Application Fields for Diathonite

Applying a coating of the insulation system enables you
to maximise thermal inertia of the walls, limit thermal
dispersion, rectify thermal  bridges, and protect the
facade from water absorption

Diathonite Evolution Internal wall application
The use of Diathonite Evolution indoor enables to
control humidity, obtain mechanical strength, correct
room noise, rapidly achieve thermal comfort, and
save on the cubic voume of rooms

Diathonite Evolution Ceiling Application

Diathonite Evolution can be applied to ceilings of any shape
and geometry, thus enabling to maintain the architectural
characteristics of the structure being renovated

Diathonite plaster Skirting application

Its capacity to eliminate rising damp makes Diathonite
Evolution the best solution for applications in
correspondence with skirting, even when it is
used alongside a panel insulation system

diathonite evolution Underground walls application

In underground places such as basements,
cellars, and garages, using Diathonite Evolution
guarantees a perfect hygrometric balance in rooms
and it prevents the formation of condensation and mould

Thermal Bridges

Thermal bridges are one of the main causes
of thermal dispersion in buildings.  Diathonite
Evolution rectifies thermal bridges simply
and effectively.